• Hi I'm Pi...

    ...your lifestyle designer


    I've been living the dream, traveling & working for the past 12 years, living in exotic cultures & dreamy landscapes.


    From working with rock stars, teaching healthy living, to meditating all around the world, I've figured out some the best ways to live life.


    I have the life hacks to get healthy, get financial freedom & live your dreams.

  • Lifestyle Designer

    First: Customize an ideal lifestyle

    Second: We empower you with your own business

  • We’re all lifestyle designers, it’s just that most people haven’t defined what they truly want and haven’t made a plan on how to get it.

    No more working for others, we start building you a website, & fancy business cards to hand out, so that your dream of running you business starts now



    Lifestyle designers live the way they want and do the things they enjoy. You'll love your customer life and business plan, we guarantee it!

  • How It Works


    The Video Call

    You can relax in your lounge, at the beach, or at your favorite cafe and have a session. We'll have a 1 hour session once a week for 4 weeks filled with amazing conversations, ideas & plans!


    The Custom Plan

    Here is where you will put it into practice. You'll see what you have been missing & be shocked with how your body, attitude, & business starting flowing with ease

    Weekly Motivation

    Get weekly check-ins, custom food recipes, video motivation, & inspiring material to keep you excited about your personal & business transition


    Meet Your Tribe

    Get introduced to some amazing like minded people who are pushing themselves to better their lives. They will be amazing friends & companions on your journey!

  • Nutrition

    Custom Meal Plans


    Custom Diets

    A wide range of raw, vegan, paleo, fruitarian, meat lovers


    Wholesome Foods

    What does your body need to function at its best


    Weekly Prep

    Preparation guidance on cooking simple & minimal

  • Lifestyle

    Minimize & Simplify



    Your Living Space

    Cluttered? Downsizing? Re-Styling





    Outdoor Time

    Sea, mountain tops or forests

    What inspires you...



    Sleep Patterns

    How much real sleep are you getting?



    Work Environment

    Redesign career, colleague relations & work habits

  • Mindset

    The Silent World of Mental Health



    Observe your mental patterns & your body interacting



    Let's focus on healthy thoughts not destructive thoughts


    Baggage Dump

    Unique approaches to declutter your past & move on

  • Recreation

    A Refreshing Approach To Fun


    Holiday Time

    Amazing places for you to explore and live like royalty



    Spa & Pampering

    What is your way of relaxing & winding down?


    Yoga & Pilates

    Get toned & fit in an approachable way


  • Medicine

    Your Body Science Explained


    Ayurvedic Medicine

    The original school of lifestyle medicine


    Chinese Medicine

    Acupuncture to cupping to exotic oils; a body restart



    Botanical medicine, diet therapy, aromatherapy & more

  • Your Business Start Up

    We provide the visuals, you provide the goods


    Custom Website

    Minimal, sleek & eye catching.

    Your clients will have a great site to see your amazing services



    Custom Business Cards

    Word of mouth is the most important tool of good business.

    Hand out your card with style


    Social Media

    We'll provide simple, minimal tools

    for awesome social media presence

  • Testimonials & Success Stories


    Erica & Siobhan

    "With Pi we talked about our dream to live in the countryside, work 3 days a week and enjoy the work we do. So after a couple sessions we ended up starting our dog walking company and a financial strategy to transition out of our jobs but still be financially stable. We are super stoked! "


    Alan Green

    "Our disability group needed support with a high needs client who we were having difficulty with. A wonderful approach from re-direction communication, aromatherapy, nutrition planning, & boundary setting was implemented having profound results."


    Harry Burke

    "Many years I struggled with self confidence. So we planned a workout routine that I enjoyed, restructured my meal plans for weight loss, & practiced conversation skills for dating. I can't believe how much life has changed, I'm so grateful."

  • Session Bookings

  • Single Session 60 Mins
    Let's have a talk and design your ideal lifestyle
    Coming soon
    3 Sessions 60 Minutes Per Session
    A package to get your lifestyle redesign underway!
    Coming soon